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About Villa Encantada

Villa Encantada translates to Enchanted Villa, exactly how you will feel once you’ve stayed. As a privately owned estate villa we take personal care and pride in our villa and in sharing it with you and your family, providing the best of everything just as we would expect when we stay abroad. Unlike many villas with modern and contemporary styles, we have sought to maintain the customary look and feel of Costa Rica, reminding you that you are miles away and free to relax and have fun. Our villa uses many of the local woods and craftsmen in its design and structure. You will feel both the “tropical” nature of Costa Rica combined with the luxurious relaxing nature of the beach in a unique, one of a kind home. We provide first class luxury with direct access to the beach and Costa Rica.

When you first arrive you will notice the Spanish and Tuscan style accents and the oversized doors made of beautiful Nicaraguan wood leading you inside to an enchanted tropical courtyard. The courtyard extends throughout the villa property. Almost hidden within the courtyard is the guest cottage with its own master bedroom, kitchen, full bath and adjoining guest room. Surrounding the pool beside the courtyard is the main villa. The villa wraps around the pool and courtyard. On one side of the pool is the main kitchen, dining room and living room area. These lead out to the outdoor dining area, centrally located in front of the pool. Imagine walking directly from the pool, through the outdoor dining area, onto the beach.

On the other side of the pool is the master bedroom with views and direct access to the Pacific Ocean. The other guest suite is located here also. The outdoor dining area acts as a central meeting area for meals, conversation and fun. You can be enjoying the beautiful ocean view while watching your friends and family relax in the pool.

The outside dining area leads directly onto the patio with a built-in fountain, barbeque pit, and lounge area. Getting here is easy. All roads leading to Jaco are paved. We are 45 minutes driving time from San Jose (the International Airport). For more information about Jaco and traveling here, click here.

Our Villa is pet friendly!
Activities at the Villa:
You never have to leave the Villa to find plenty to do and you don’t have to go far to find even more ~

Surfing – The above photo is a picture of the ocean waves on Jaco beach. Surfing is popular, so bring your board, rent one or learn from a professional the art of surfing.

Horseback – Horseback rides are offered directly at your Villa beach gate. 1 hour beach rides are $25 or 2 hour mountain rides are $30 per person.

Beach Strolling – You have 2.5 miles of beach within a few steps of the Villa to stroll, jog or simply admire. Visit Monkey Island – Walk north on the beach, cross over a river during lowtide (being careful to get back before the high tide) and you will find yourself on an uninhabited, undeveloped island that locals call “Monkey Island” because of all the monkeys you see. Locals go to the rocks to fish for lobsters.